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Family Size Products

: DSC Mangosteen Peel extract Shampoo -1,000ml. -150 Baht

: DSC Wheatgerm Natural Shower Gel -1,000 ml. – 150 Baht

: DSC Silk Thread Natural Shower Gel- 1,000 ml. – 150 Baht


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Travel Size/ Sample Size Products

We accept all custom DSC products for your ideal souvenirs or DIY wedding gifts.

-Size (10/15/30ml. or 10g./ 15 g./ 30g. or other sizes)

– Fragrance: Tea Rose, Green Tea, etc.

-MOQ: 10,000 ml. , 10 kg  / MOQ for custom DSC products ( only custom fragrance) : 50 kg.

-We recommend you to buy a sample. If you like our formula of products which have been approved by FDA Thailand, please contact us for starting a mass production.



For further information, please contact us: info@drsophoncosmetics.com, LINE: @drsophonshop